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Halve Your Bagel Slicer for safely cutting bagels
Clever Concepts, Inc.


Give Yourself and Your Family the Gift of Safety and Ease of Use

We celebrate our 6th year in business
with 100% customer satisfaction
 Halve Your Bagel Safety Bagel Slicer. The bagel slicer that professionals use is now available for your home. WHAT IS HALVE YOUR BAGEL?

Clever Concepts, Inc. has designed and manufactures a NEW, SUPER PRO-SAFE bagel slicer/holder that is highly versatile and convenient to use. It works so well it belongs in every homemakers kitchen and Professional Delicatessen. Our bagel slicer’s trade name is "Halve Your Bagel".

Hundreds of deli professionals rely on Halve Your Bagel every day for professionally and safely slicing bagels, buns & rolls.

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This sturdy commercial kitchen utensil will hold for safely slicing, refrigerated or fresh out-of-the-oven bagels, nearly all sizes, including cocktail bagels and those with toppings. It also works with English muffins, rolls, buns and more.  While any 8 inch knife will slice your bagel, we recommend our new custom designed slicer knife. 


HALVE YOUR BAGEL has been professionally tested for three years in a major bagel bakery chain’s 13 stores in Southern California. Rapidly it became the favorite bagel slicer of their employees, replacing all the other types they used, including the guillotine and solid block units they sold! Have Your Bagel won over their employees and became so popular the CEO decided to retail them over the counter as a private label item, outselling that more expensive and recognized guillotine slicer 15-1…with NO RETURNS!


HALVE YOUR BAGEL. The bagel slicer that professionals use is now available for your home. Super safe when used as directed.
Simple, easy and quick to use.
Bagel loads easily with its unique hinged sides.
Comes in three decorator colors – white, granite and ivory.
Made of very durable High Impact Resin.
3M non-skid feet in its base for extra safety when slicing.
Easy to clean – dishwasher safe, top-rack.
Awarded multiple patents and manufactured in the USA.
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. *
Makes an excellent gift!
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Includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with a one-year limited warranty.  If you are not satisfied,  just return it to us with a written explanation and we will refund the purchase price. 


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We now have the perfect bagel slicer additions:  Companion Slicer Knife & Spreader.  And, the makers of the famous Ginsu® knives manufacture them for us.

Our bagel slicer knife has an overall length of 13 inches with a serrated stainless steel blade 8-1/2 inches long. It is perfectly matched to the Halve Your Bagel for the easiest slicing and fewest crumbs. This knife can be used to cut all your other bread products in or out of the Halve Your Bagel.

Our cream cheese spreader has an overall length of 6 inches with a 2-1/4 inch long blade. It has a beautiful white handle with a round ended stainless steel blade. This spreader is the perfect companion for applying cream cheese or any other spread on a beautifully sliced bagel.

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